Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Did You Say 'Frisbee Golf'?

I think I've completely lost it so bad that it wasn't intentional for me to turn down a good game of Frisbee Golf. (6 hours later) Frisbee?... Golf?

For name's sake, Friend consoles me by turning down a big round-up of friends to hang out with me, Today I'm Antisocial.

"No, I feel bad, I know you want to chill with everyone, I'm cool,"
"No, no, who wants to play Frisbee Golf when I can hang out with my Crissy?"
"Aw, such a sweetie,"


I finally did it. I feel like I've set myself free by letting it go. Sorry - that's dignity-free. I'm such an idiot. And a loser. A dignity-free idiot loser. Who swears too much.

And my job is so unfulfilling.


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