Tuesday, July 29, 2003

But I do say "to-motto"...Ok, you got me, no I don't

As I type this, I contemplate why I've decided that "this" is equivalent to a pen and paper. I've always been a pen and paper type gal but I guess with Background Maniac I'm given a false sense of security that somehow my legacy will live on by being bad to the bone and clicking on "yes" to "Would you like this to be a public log?" instead of "no". Score. I mean, it's almost vein.

So, it's all good. I talk. You listen. The automatic no-sassback perk.

Garrggh, sonofawhure... Hmm. It's probably mandatory to boringass-shitstorm through Post the I. With somewhat of an intro or whatnot. So... Well, no, there won't be any of that.

As for my lovely audience (hi, mom) full of questions and curiousity, you'll discover as much as one needs to know with every post "you" read... considering a "you" exists. So that's that it for now.

Good thing there's no awkward silences in here.

*awkward silence*

"Dude, meet me in Montana. XXOO, Jesus."

Bidding farewell until next post,

the crissy


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